Landscaping - Dirt and Rock

If you ever need dirt or rock added or removed to your yard, call an excavator. We typically have access to dirt or rock at any given moment since we continually dig pools, trampolines, grade hills, etc. Dirt work, whether it is adding or removing is a great way to begin the landscaping process of your yard.  By adding dirt, you can raise your yard for drainage, add visually appealing landscape features, level or grade your yard to prepare it for rocks and vegetation. You may also want to have dirt removed for the same purposes.  Either way, an excavator will have the equipment and contacts to get the work done quickly and efficiently. Using rocks have become increasingly popular with low maintenance, low water usage landscapes or, sometimes called desert landscaping or xeriscaping. There are various types and colors of rock you can choose to provide the best result for your landscape. Before choosing the rock, it may be a good idea to ask an excavator or landscaper  about the rock you would like to use.  Not only to see if the rock can be found somewhere else cheaper, but to also see if it is a good fit for the area you live.  For example, some rock may crumble if it rains too much. Some rock may be too dark and create more heat around your home if you live in a hot area. Nevertheless, an excavator will have access to the best dirt and rock for your specific needs. So, be sure to ask questions before buying or making a quick decision to buy dirt or rock, or have it removed. If you need dirt or rock work done, feel free to give us a call at 435-708-1442