Landscaping - Cleanup

First impressions are important.  Your yard says a lot about a person. Curb appeal is also important for certain city ordinances and for attracting people to your home. Making sure your yard is in it’s best condition is imperative not only for you, but also for keeping your neighbors happy as well. Here are some more reasons why it is important to keep your yard clean.

Peace of Mind

Believe it or not, when your yard is covered in weeds, the grass is overgrown, or you have clutter spread throughout, naturally, this can cause you more stress.  Whether you notice it or not, the condition of your yard is tied to your emotions. Studies have shown that a cleanliness reduces stress, and naturally, when you are outside with a clean yard, you will feel more calm. Think about this. will you feel more calm or more panicked when friends or family come to visit and your yard is nice and tidy? More than likely you won’t feel rushed to clean and you’ll feel comforted knowing your yard is already presentable.

Safety and Damage Prevention

When a yard has excess debris, it can be dangerous for anyone, especially children. Children, could easily trip over twigs, trash or other yard junk cluttering your space. This could lead to preventable injuries to arms, legs and more importantly the head.  Decaying or dead trees can also cause problems.  Strong winds could cause the tree branches to fall.  It is important to keep your trees healthy or, if you have a dead or decaying tree, to remove problematic branches and twigs.  Another important rule of thumb to keep your trees and other plants in good condition and from damage is to keep them in areas where they do not get too much sun. If you keep your yard clean and clear of clutter, it could be a calm relaxing place to hang out, have a barbecue with friends, keep your kids occupied or just a nice place to relax. Again, keeping your yard clean will not only keep the city and your neighbors happy while also making your house more aesthetically pleasing, but it will reduce stress, and everyone could use a little less stress in their lives.

Keeps Pests Out

We all know that clutter entices pests to come near your home. Yard debris, weeds, tree limbs and even dirt piles can harbor unwanted pests. Keeping clutter away will keep pests further away from your home.  Even food waste or smelly trash left on the ground could attract pests that are likely to linger and can eventually find a way into your home. Remember, a yard covered with debris can become ideal spots for unwanted pests. If that happens, they will eventually find a way into your home and cause even more costly problems. If you have trash, weeds, or other unwanted yard debris contact us today to get a free online estimate at 435-708-1442