1. Adding Value

Good, appealing, landscaping will add value to your home. Modern landscaping and lighting not only helps resell value but,  can even help sell your home, if that is what you plan on doing. Professional landscaping can add an estimated 10 percent of value to your home. So keep in mind if you want your home to sell better, if you’re in the market, consider a professional landscaper with plenty of experience.  This ensures your landscaping is done correctly and will look professional as well because it makes a big difference in resell value and overall appearance between professional looking landscaping and unprofessional landscaping.

2. Appeal

A professionally landscaped yard makes your home just look better. This can be done simply with trees, shrubs, turf and rocks. Or, it can be done in a more complicated manner with retaining walls, water features, artificial turf and more. A green, healthy looking lawn is also very important.  This means that having the right balance of lawn, rocks, and shrubs is important when considering the time and effort to give to each. You can’t give all your attention to the lawn and forget about weeding the rocks or trimming the shrubs.  It is important to plan your landscaping for this reason and you will feel better down the road for it and so will your neighbors.  They may even admire your yard as much as you do and even give you compliments.

3. Energy Efficient

Professional landscaping can help you save energy in your home. Properly placed trees can provide shade for your home to help keep cooling costs down.  Lawn around your home can also help reduce heat in and around your home. Landscaping can even provide windbreaks that can reduce heating costs. On another note, proper landscaping also provides good drainage to help prevent flooding which can help keep your home and foundation safe.

4. Tranquility

A professionally landscaped yard will provide you a comfortable relaxing home that you can enjoy. This alone is worth it. A better looking home is naturally less stressful, more peaceful and will naturally make you happier.

Professional landscaping is important but, it is also not always necessary.  If you do decide to tackle the landscaping of your yard, at least reach out to a professional landscaper to help plan and answer questions that you may have.  This will help ensure that it is done correctly.  If your landscaping is not planned or executed correctly, this could lead to more problems and costs down the road.